1. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES TAKEN? I will come to your home or a chosen location.  

  2. WHY I LIKE NATURAL LIGHTING: As I prefer to photograph without a flash, an area in your home that has good natural lighting (bright / sunny room) is required, or if the weather permits the shoot can take place in your yard if you have a shady area (shade is a MUST). If your home does not have adequate natural lighting or your garden or local parks do not have shade, you might like to consider a trip to an alternate location settings. If this is an option let me know as the choice is yours. 

  3. WHAT IS THE BEST TIME TO SCHEDULE MY SHOOT? The shoot will take up to two hours, depending on how long you and yours wish to be photographed. Please allow a full two hours just to be sure. Parents when you are not being photographed yourself, you will be encouraged to assist by interacting with your child/ren to keep them calm, happy and looking in the right direction. 

  4. WHAT TO WEAR?  Single colors produce the best photographs, as patterns detract from your face and often times date the photo.  Colors that compliment you always seem to work best.  

  5. WHEN IS PAYMENT DO? Cash payment is due at the time of shoot. 

  6. MORE THAN ONE CHILD ? ADDITIONAL FAMILY: No worries I am happy to take photos of whom ever you wish during my time with you. 

  7. HOW WILL ANYWHEREPHOTOZ USE MY PICTURES THAT ARE TAKEN?  They are owned by AnyWherePhotoz and are subject to use for marketing, websites, etc.